Signature Burundi Single-Serving Pods || Keurig®-Compatible, Single-Origin

Signature Burundi Single-Serving Pods || Keurig®-Compatible, Single-Origin

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Look no further for your new favorite K-cup®!

Refire's single-origin, medium-dark roast is packed into a 100% recyclable pod – there's so much to love!

With about 12g of gourmet coffee in each pod, the days of weak-but-quick coffee is over.

Refire's smooth and dark Burundi roast is the perfect daily coffee. Whether you take it black, with half-and-half, or with your favorite coffee creamer, you are sure to come back to your Keurig® for more.


-- Single-Origin Whole Roasted Beans --

Smooth, rich flavor awaits in Refire's new flagship roast.

This Medium-Dark roast is delicious black, with a touch of cream, or paired with your favorite creamer.

This coffee displays guava, brown sugar, berry, black licorice flavor with grape, banana and nut aftertaste in the cup with round acidity and a syrupy body.


-- Keurig®-Compatible Pods --

Our Single-Serving Pods are crafted with flavor and sustainability in mind.

Nobody wants a weak cup of  'quick' coffee, which is why our Signature Burundi roast is carefully carefully packed into our pods to get you the best possible flavor from our beans.

-- 100% Recyclable K-Cup® Pods --

With a fully #5 polypropylene construction, you can pop each pod open with a squeeze of the rim, dispose of the coffee grounds, rinse, and toss in your recycle bin.


-- Authentically Pacific Northwest --
Refire Coffee SPC is based in Lacey, WA. Our product is locally roasted & packaged, supporting at least 3 local businesses.

-- About Refire Coffee SPC --
Founded in 2017, Refire's mission has always been to save lives while saving your morning. Our early partnerships have helped to support missions in Tanzania, and Washington food banks.

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