Refire “Signature” – Roasted Burundi Beans

Gourmet Single-Origin Roasted Whole Beans.

Smooth, rich flavor awaits in Refire’s new flagship roast – Burundi Signature.

This Medium-Dark roast is delicious black, with a touch of cream, or paired with your favorite creamer.




About Burundi Signature

Refire Coffee SPC was founded on the flavor of Tanzanian beans – a sweet and citrusy profile which stood out in its market.

In Summer of 2020, Refire Coffee began sampling new beans to take up the mantle from the original bean order… and in a surprising twist discovered the Burundi beans we use today.


Hand-Chosen for Similarity, the NEW Burundi Roast Embraces & Elevates Our Classic Flavor

After thorough sampling & research, Refire Coffee now offers Signature Burundi as a nod to our roots, with our gaze cast to the horizon.

Aromatic Pour-Over

Refire Signature is made for craft preparation by pour-over. Rich notes of raisin, plum, cherry, black tea and floral greet you after a fresh grind or bloom pour.

This medium-dark roast is low in acidity and features a satiny body that is sure to satisfy.

Rich Cold Brew

Looking for even more kick out of your coffee? Try Refire Signature Burundi as a cold brew!

Simply combine your grounds with cold water for 12-18 hours to concentrate your brew into a powerful pick-me-up for any point in your day.

Bold Drip

If you prefer a more classic brewing method, you’ll find that Refire Signature Burundi works just as well in your brewer as it does in more craft methods.

For best results, grind right before brewing.