About Refire

Delicious coffees from around the world!

 From the lush hills above the Serengeti
to the rain washed highlands in Guatemala…


Refire Coffee roasts premium quality beans to bring you the great taste you deserve!  Our single source beans are carefully roasted in small batches and sealed in resealable valved bags to present the best quality possible.   If you prefer already ground coffee we will grind your choice of fresh beans when you place your order. Buy some today and we know you will enjoy a delicious, smooth cup of coffee… and another.

Refire Coffee is working with several non-profits to help support their important causes. Albino children whose lives are in danger in Tanzania, men and women whose lives have been destroyed by addiction, families and people who are homeless or living in poverty are all at the heart of what our mission is.  

Refire Coffee is excited to become the change we want to inspire in others. Our Motto, Non Nobis Solum, means ‘not ourselves alone.’ We know this is an opportunity for us to impact the lives of many people, and share some outstanding coffees. To find out more about the people we benefit go to Participating Charities. Together with our collaborators and customers our goal is to change lives for the better!