Perspectives of a Season

Perspectives of a Season

Posted by Linda on Sep 18th 2018

We are trying hard to remember how summer flew by so fast! We had several family changes and events from relocation of a senior aunt, to weddings, memorials and medical procedures. Time to relax and putter in the yard was precious and seldom. It was a season of taking care of so many things and we really felt the love and support of our family and friends. I was looking back at my photos and the collection really tells our story better than my memory.  We had some wonderful fun relaxation in the midst of all the busy/crazy stuff. 

Perspective is never static and ours has been adjusted to look higher and longer and listen more. 

Now we can dig in and be excited for what this fall brings. Just like putting the summer garden to sleep under some ground cover we put the summer to rest and look ahead with expectancy. We are exploring new avenues to market our coffee and raise money for the children in Tanzania as well as our people here in the USA. our K -cups will be one way we can reach more customers and we have a few other things rumbling around in the back corner. Please feel free to send us your ideas and feedback. We are looking for a breakthrough in our business as well as some great testimonials from our programs in the season ahead. Blessings! K and L