Leaning Into the Curve

Leaning Into the Curve

Jun 4th 2018

We have always enjoyed adventure and some of it comes with a steep learning curve. I've found one secret to enjoying the adventure is leaning into the curve! Like riding in a fast moving boat it keeps you in your seat with steady forward motion. So this coffee adventure is moving and the curve is a large one with some rapid turns here and there. Our business is defined as a Social Purpose Corporation - our purpose for existence to benefit the needs of society.

We had no idea of the complexity of coffee! It's quite like wine in the variety of flavors, quality of the beans, year they are produced, etc. Thankfully we have some great teachers and are off to a good start.

It occurred to me when filling out information on a form that we shouldn't mark 'retired' any more. Instead we find ourselves self employed/owners of Refire Coffee. The entire reason we embarked on this adventure is to help worthy people and programs to succeed. To help them we also must succeed - and we will with the help of our friends/customers.  

If you are confused about our labels and varieties, here is a summary; The SHADE label coffee is to exclusively support the children in Tanzania with Albinism. The J3.16 label is to support the regional food bank in Centralia Washington and the Refire label is to support the other charities and non-profits such as Gethsemane ( Discipleship program for substance abuse recovery), and several others you will see featured on our Refire Coffee SPC webpage. 

Please do share our coffee with family and friends. It makes a nice practical gift and we will be offering mugs and special gift packages soon. 

Stay in touch and drink lot's of good coffee!