About Us


To sell great coffee and share the profits with vulnerable people who are in need.


Ken & Linda Coate

We are 'refired' retirees who love life and live to serve others. From our travels since 2013 we have broadened our perspective of what impact we as ‘seasoned servants’ can have on our world. With the inspiration of two friends working in Tanzania, we have ventured into the world of specialty coffee. We have developed a premium quality coffee to sell to individuals and organizations to fund programs proven to have positive impacts both in the USA and around the world. Our collaborators, partners and those who benefit from this coffee business are devoted to ethical and caring service. We are personally dedicated to living out the greatest commandments, to love God and to love others as we love ourselves.

Our Vision

To provide generous monthly support to organizations conducting programs for physical and spiritual health and social justice, bringing hope and helping children and adults lead healthy lives.


Refire Coffee is working with several non-profits to help support their important causes. Albino children whose lives are in danger in Tanzania, men and women whose lives have been destroyed by addiction, families and people who are homeless or living in poverty are all at the heart of what our mission is.  

Participating Charities


Click here for to learn more about some of the Charities we serve through the profits of Refire Coffee.